Looking back before going forward

The final week of this decade is nearly done. I’ve been trying to sum up what ten years has meant for me but it’s refusing to be tied up and labelled.

It was wild and transformative. I’ve lost friends and gained others. I know what I will and won’t tolerate and have learnt to say so. I’ve loved the same guy a bit more each day.

It’s been revolutionary in almost every aspect of my life.
In 2010 I was a journalist who did things like go under cover in a Neo Nazis meeting and pester cops to give me the scoop. I also held secret hopes of writing a book about kids in state care but how to write such a thing?? How to package that world in 85k words?

In 2018 I published Stone Girl through Penguin Books Australia and in 2019 it won awards. Mind-blowing.

In 2010 I didn’t believe I was fated to have kids. It simply wasn’t happening for us and also, I could not imagine myself as a mum.
Cut to today and the two most beautiful daughters I could have ever hoped for wake me up super early every morning.

In 2010 I taught yoga and led people through sun salutations. In 2011 I caught a flight and sat in lotus position snug in the chair.
Maybe aeroplane chairs have shrunk but more likely I’ve expanded and my body is not so flexible.

In 2019 my chronic physical pain reached its excruciating peak. Luckily, I have (finally and without help from doctors who simply didn’t know what to do) found a solution. Perhaps I can get back to yoga soon.

In 2019 I taught and facilitated writing classes at university and for adults in community centers. I feel blessed to be a part of other people’s writing journey and to witness the fruits of their imagination, helping where and how I can. Watching their progress and listening to the stories is truly rewarding.

I’ve spoken at a myriad of public events such as the Melbourne Writers Festival and advocated on panels and at symposiums for young people in care. I was part of the Homestretch campaign. This is a far reach from five to ten years ago when I struggled to speak up for myself. Who knows where I’d be if I’d found that strength earlier. I will be imparting as much self-confidence and self-belief to my daughters as possible.

Here’s to the next ten years. I wish you all the very best in 2020. Be free, happy and creative. Don’t forget to play x