Publication Day and Book Launch

Publication Day and Book Launch

Yesterday was publication day for Stone Girl.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but it was a normal day. No fire works went off, no drum was struck three times and no crazy dance of excitement was performed. I got up, took my kids to library story time, we had a ‘chinno’ in a cafe, went for a walk in the sunshine and came home.

But there was a feeling in my chest. I did it! This journey has come to a kind of end. I’ve passed it on to readers.

Last week I was overwhelmed by messages and communication with readers and bookshops and bloggers who got the book early. I signed copies, dropped off merchandise and posed for photos.

And this Thursday is the actual launch! There will be speeches and more signing and meeting people to talk about Stone Girl. Knowing what started as an abstract idea, progressed to a word document, then somehow over a decade of mistakes and discoveries ended up becoming a book is a mad-good feeling. Seriously, how can I describe it?

I so hope people connect with it and it’s read widely and is reprinted soon because it sells out… however focusing on this is not proactive or positive. It’s out of my hands. From next week I’ll be turning my attention to book two which for now is titled ‘Sand Child’. I hope I can do this twice! More to come.

Thanks for reading and following my journey.