Book two nearly done

Book two nearly done

Hello, it’s cold at the moment. I wear a hoodie and the heater is cranked high. Winter is a great time to write. Book two is coming along well as brick by brick the story builds and gee do I write full on stuff.

Sorry or you’re welcome; please take whichever is applicable to you. Personally I love reading things that shock and surprise and you will not guess the twist and turns in this book. You won’t see anything coming.

Since writing the truth as I see it feels like the right thing to do, I carry on with this wild tale. I don’t have a publisher for book two yet and it’s a strange feeling like being at the starting line again. Despite having a book out in the world, the anxiety and worry about ‘will it find a publishing home’ is once again gnawing at the edges.

The thing is though, I am clearer than I’ve ever been about one thing, I write because the story is in me and wants out. It’s the best kind of haunting.

Stay inspired,