The end of an amazing year

The end of an amazing year

Firstly I want to say a giant thank you. To YOU. If you’re reading this then I appreciate you taking an interest. Maybe you just checked out the website. Maybe you bought or borrowed Stone Girl. Maybe you’re one of those people who message/tweet/insta tag me and say such beautiful things!! I love you guys so much. Maybe you left a review somewhere like Goodreads or Amazon. I feel so much gratitude.

2018 has been a year of great highs where I’ve been lucky enough to receive support from readers, bookshops, libraries and reviewers. I’ve also been backed by my agent extraordinaire, Grace Heifetz and the super talented team at Penguin Teen including publisher Lisa Riley and editor Amy Thomas.

My life in 2018 has been very different to previous years of fast paced journalistic and communications work. I have nearly finished my second manuscript, launched Stone Girl and spent time with my young kids. I’m feeling blessed.

Do what you love for as long as you can and be happy. That’s what I’ve decided. The rest is out of my hands 🙂

Recent amazing events:

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Kid’s Book Review:

Our 18 Favourite YA Reads of 2018

“My favourite YA read this year is Eleni Hale’s Stone Girl (read my review here) – it blew me away. But looking at this ‘Outstanding YA’ list, there are plenty of gift ideas and holiday reading recommendations that won’t disappoint! Our reviews on any of these books can be found by typing the title in the ‘find it here’ search box in our home page.”


Sydney Morning Herald Must reads for 2018

“Intense and brutal, Stone Girl by Eleni Hale (Penguin) is the confronting story of what happens to a child when everyone stops caring. Mum is an alcoholic, dad is somewhere in Greece, and 12-year-old Sophie ends up emotionally mauled by the very system that’s supposed to protect her. Based on Hale’s experiences in the 1990s, this is a devastating, powerful book, which is why it should be read.”


-The Australian newspapers’s Joy Lawn did a wonderful review!(locked behind pay wall)